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“Leaders build to reinvent while managers build to last”

MBC Chief Executive Officer Management Training Consultant

I am an accomplished management training consultant with an overall experience of 25 years and a proven track record in the development and implementation of organizational change programmes.

Areas of Expertise

• Strategic Planning
• Management Coaching
• Personal & Organizational Transformation
• Action Learning (action enquiry)
• Performance Improvement Management
• Change Management
• General Administration
• Organizational Learning
• Research
• Leadership Acumen

Key Contributions

• Used CO3 Coaching techniques to improve executives performance levels
• Used team management techniques to reduced internal labour conflicts
• Used  management coaching to Improve levels of organizational flexibility
• Used protocol actions to manage crises within firms
• Improved learning potential in the classroom through class-presentation 
• Generated greater students pro-activity through empowerment 
• Improved levels of management performance in client firms through ERP implementation
• Reduced operational costs of client firms through the use of PLM
• Improved sales performance of client firms through the use of CRM
• Developed an Operational Manual for the implementation of TQS in client firms
• Improved levels of management performance through SCM    

Awards & Recognitions

• Awarded a distinction by Keele University Athletic Union for my services as Athletic Union Treasure 1982-1983
• Awarded a recognition for serving as an official translator at the Military Olympics celebrated in Rome
• Appreciated by the President of SELLING Srl for exhibiting an excellent performance which led to the commercial success of the International Bank Marketing Research Project 1985-87 (This project became the best selling product of SELLING Srl, being purchased by all major Italian commercial banks)
• Was invited by the Senior Director of the Philippines Labour Office in Spain to give talks on the topics of leadership & team management and to offer advice to Filipino entrepreneurs in Spain
• Awarded the First Price to the best Business Plan at the National College of Applied Sciences Business Plan Competition in Niswa College of Applied Sciences, Niswa, Oman, 25th. of March 2015  

Principal Research Officer

Principal Research Officer, Management Science Department Comsats-CIIT University, Islamabad, Pakistan

Jan 2017-2018

Key Profile:

  • Responsible for the development of the Student Startup Business Centre at Comsats.
  • Supervising student business plans and guiding their implementation.
  • Designing the content and nature of courses to train students how to write business plans
  • Teaching and tutoring students’ business plans’ contents and presentation.
  • Develop entrepreneurship course contents and presentation techniques
  • Training teachers to train students how to write a business plan and turn their ideas into a viable business
  • Develop initiatives between the management science department and the business incubators at Comsats
  • Do research and publish in the area of entrepreneurship
  • Teach master courses in the areas of leadership and consumer behaviour

Assistant Professor in Business Administration

College of International Studies (Endicott College – Boston Mass. USA) in Madrid,  Spain

SEP 2009 – 2012

Key Profile:

  • Acted as an internal coach to facilitate engagements between American businesses in Spain and the C.I.S.
  • Conducted research to develop competencies and evaluate learning capabilities of university students in business administration.

On-line Freelance Training Consultant

Management Business Consultants, Madrid, Spain

Jan 2004 – 2012

(MBC Management Business Consultant is my own firm which provides on-line professional training services for executives of SMEs in the areas such as  leadership, strategic management, training of trainers and performance improvement)

Key Profile:

  • Identified, developed and implemented tailor-made management training courses to improve the leadership and management performance of SMEs executives of client companies
  • Helped reduced the operational costs of clients through the implementation of ERP, SCM, PLM and CRM
  • Served as a facilitator to client firms to enhance the development of protocols on team management,  time management and crisis management

Senior Lecturer

Universidad de Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain

Sep 2001 – Sep 2002

Key Profile:

  • Taught STRATEGIC MARKETING  at BA level in the Business Department
  • Trained junior and senior managers in the areas of Strategic Marketing, Operational Research, Business Administration, PERT, CPM, ROI, TQM
  • Gave technical seminars on International Trade and the Informal sector for the INSTITUTUE OF SOUTH AMERICAN STUDIES (This is an autonomous Research Institute linked to the University of Salamanca)

Assistant Professor in Business Administration

College of Applied Sciences – Rustaq - Oman

Sep 2012 – 2015

Key Profile:

  • Supervising business research projects for last year students.
    Member of the Committee of the C.A.S. Student Creativity Competion 2013-14
  • Supervised the business projects of Students from Rustaq College who participated in the 2012-13 nationwide Business Project Competition of the C.A.S.
  • College Local Coordinator  for Entrepreneurship 2012-13
  • College Local Coordinator for Marketing  2013-14
  • Handling various other responsibilities including conducting tutorials and managing various general administrative activities

Assistant Professor in Business Administration

Universidad Miguel de Cervantes, Valladolid, Spain

Sep 2007 – 2009

Key Profile:

  • Taught undergraduate Business Administration courses on: BUSINESS INSURANCE and STRATEGIC ANALYSIS OF SPANISH TOURIST MARKETS
  • Conducted research on methods how to develop competencies and evaluate the learning capabilities of university students in business administration; the results of this research were presented in different conferences in Spain (VIII Congreso Internacional , UEMC, Valladolid, Sept. 2008; Congreso Interncional , URJC, Madrid, Oct. 2008; II Congreso Internacional “Innovamos Juntos”, Universidad de Salamanca, Salamanca, May 2009)and the US (CCIESI , IIIS, Orlando, Florida, Jul. 2009)
  • Handled various other responsibilities such as conducting tutorials and supervising students research projects besides  managing various general administrative activities
  • Conducted teacher-training seminars for junior lecturers in the department

Training Consultant

Ramkhamhaeng University (I.I.S.), Bangkok, Thailand

Sep 2002 – Oct 2003

Key Profile:

  • Trained junior managers in the following areas:
    • Performance improvement management
    • ERP, SCM, PLM and CRM methodologies
    • Management coaching with special emphasis on time management, crisis management, conflict management, assertiveness, public speaking and team management

Senior Lecturer

Universidad Alonso X, Madrid, Spain

Sep 2002 – Oct 2003

Key Profile:

  • Coached undergraduate students pursing Business Administration
  • Supervised academic and student research activities within the Department
  • Conducted tutorials and managed various general administration and coordination activities   

“…for you are a leader, and to lead you shall return…”