Project Management

“Project management helps set realistic expectations around what can be delivered”

Learning how to reach your goals

MBC works with executive clients to assess their current level of maturity to develop an achievable plan that can keep the firm’s momentum going while consolidating the improvements on the corporate goals.

MBC project management consulting begins with a discourse exercise to assess the delivery stage of corporate goals.

Through this exercise executives understand not only their current level of maturity but become able to assess the potential of their intended future goals relative to the present level of corporate goals’ delivery.

More than trying to apply a Project Management Maturity Model, where solution are made to fit the model’s requirements,  MBC project management consulting will seek to develop together with executives a tailor made to fit model that responds to the cultural transformation demands of executive clients.

Given that the level of maturity varies with each organisation and their specific goals, strategies, resources, capabilities, scope and needs, MBC undertakes with executives, a project management strategy based on a discourse analysis. The idea is to help executives internalise the cultural need to identify their own areas of achievable developments so that project management does not become a decalogue of good intentions detached from business reality.

More than seeking to implant a PMMM into firms to identify and cure the problem, MBC would seeks to transform executives themselves into future carriers of their firms future change by developing an entire ‘governance framework’ encompassing just about everything relating to project (stakeholder) management.

MBC believes that business solutions have to come from executives’ internalisation of their will and drive to change rather than from a forced adjustment to a “one-solution-fits all” project management model requirement. These pre-packaged  model solutions may be short-lived if executives have not culturally internalised the need to think differently and find personalised solutions to their own business reality

At MBC we believe in helping executives to learn how to fish rather than handing over the fish as part of a ready-made solution.

Although this may involve a much longer and tortuous solution, forging executives’ independence is professionally more important than creating economic dependence.



All one-week executive seminars will be held from Monday to Friday with daily sessions of six hours combining theory and practice. Saturday and Sunday will be used for sightseeing/recreation activities and personal travel. This one-week executive seminars will be held in scenic location Villas in Switzerland wih a maximum number of 20 participants to guarantee active engagement and whenever possible offer accommodation and catering to all participaants in the same place during the entire length of the event.

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