Organisational Restructuring

“Designing forward-looking workplace solutions will result in greater rational and emotional commitment”

Developing a new world of work while keeping it functional

Although efficient communication, experience and change tools help us achieve user acceptance to overcome concerns and resistance to continue to change, real change can not materialize without an adequate organisational restructuring.

Only through organisational restructuring, communication is enhanced giving employees security, identity and sense of belonging, rendering possible the conditions for change to take place

This is done by changing the corporate values of the firm and keeping the organisational structure functional so that change can take place without it being noticed….  “Everything should change so that everything can stay the same” (The Leopard, by G.T. Di Lampedusa).

MBC organisational restructuring strategy points at designing forward looking workplace solutions that are independent and system neutral to achieve change in a dynamic market context.

MBC will aim at helping executives improve their business performance by aligning their workplace and operations with their business strategy


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