MBC Management Business Consultants came into existence the 1st. of July 2019 as a result of its CEO and founder following the dream that only through corporate training, it was possible to change the way firms operated. This led MBC to become a Swiss based but globally focused executive management training firm engaged in developing and conducting tailor-made training initiatives to help firms reinterpret how they should work, compete and survive in a future market context.  To achieve this transformation, MBC resorts to an international team of specialists who train CEOs, Executives and Senior Managers of companies to think out of the box.  By making CEOs, Executives and Managers co-participants of their own transformation, MBC helps them develop and implement a road-map their firms need to undertake the organisational and cultural changes required to sustainably survive in the long run.

The human and economic dilemma created by the COVID19 lockdown only contributed to render more evident the key role corporate training has as a key transformation instrument of modern firm.

Making corporate training centre on how firms address the need to return to “business as usual”, MBC has actively helped corporate participants understand how prepared are their businesses to re-open and in what conditions. By outlining the shift towards a new business paradigm where social welfare outweighs economic interests, MBC training further prepares corporate participants to adopt a new type of business relations consonant with the post-pandemic Covid19 future market context.

Dr. Mario B. Curatolo

CEO & Founder

MBC Management Business Consultants Sagl