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Ecommerce has revolutionized the traditional way of doing business through the creation of a whole range of new opportunities. In this sense, Ecommerce has become an essential tool for the sustainability of businesses allowing firms to promote products and generate more sales in a cost-effective way. As a result of this, firms’ future capacity to compete in a new normal will depend on Ecommerce being fully integrated as an important component of the firm’s core business strategy.

Ecommerce strategies allow businesses to remain on the top of sales by helping them anticipate customer expectations through the effective use of electronic channels that   guarantee a better around the clock customer support service.

Through the use of Ecommerce, firms can conduct market research to plan their sales strategies in advance through cost-effective gathering and processing of vast amounts of data on consumers and market trends. Furthermore, Ecommerce strategies by reducing supply-chain costs, processing costs and the costs of the 4 Ps of marketing, enhance firms’ profitability and access to a whole new global market.

In this respect, MBC offers Executives, CEO’s and Managers of firms a series of Ecommerce courses ranging from one-to-one private interactions to small group training initiatives aimed at re-enforcing participants’ practical proficiency in the application and implementation of Ecommerce tools and strategies.

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These courses will expose participants to the business implications associated with the ever-growing world of Ecommerce and the importance of developing skills necessary to operate in the digital Market. These courses are all practice-oriented, highly interactive and use dynamic didactic strategies like Business Games aimed at reproducing real-work/market situations during Immersion Training courses lasting three to five days

MBC will offer CEOs, Executives and Managers of client firms the possibility to follow these courses at their own pace since MBC’s Ecommerce trainers will adapt and adjust to their work schedules.

The fundamental idea behind these courses is that firms’ CEOs, Executives and Managers can effectively and efficiently end up implementing Ecommerce strategic models to compete in the new normal digital revolution age.


All one-week executive seminars will be held from Monday to Friday with daily sessions of six hours combining theory and practice. Saturday and Sunday will be used for sightseeing/recreation activities and personal travel. This one-week executive seminars will be held in scenic location Villas in Switzerland wih a maximum number of 20 participants to guarantee active engagement and whenever possible offer accommodation and catering to all participaants in the same place during the entire length of the event.

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