Executive Business English

English for all types of business

MBC offers executives, CEO’s, start-up managers and business people a series of executive business English courses tailored to respond to their specific needs and requirements. These courses range from one-to-one private interaction with the executive business English trainer to small group interactions aimed at re-enforcing participants’ proficiency in business English.

These courses will expose participants to dynamic conversation in English, the chance to develop business presentation skills, undertake Q&A in English in a media/PR interview context, acquire professional, academic and business English writing skills, acquire team leadership in English etc. 

These courses are all practice-oriented aimed at overcoming CEOs, executives, start-up managers and business people’s lack of English speaking familiarity in international work contexts.

MBC offers CEOs, executives, start-up managers and business people the possibility to undertake these courses at their own pace following their own work schedule since MBC’s executive business English trainers will adapt and adjust to their needs

MBC’s executive business English trainers will follow a highly interactive and practical didactic strategy aimed at reproducing real-work situations to enhance and ease the English learning capacity of participants.

MBC’s executive business English trainers will resort to video/audio and IT instruments that could facilitate the active learning of participants together with their encouragement to take part in international conferences, seminars, trade fairs and webinards where the working language is English.

Last but not least, participants will be induced to take part in Business games and/or Immersion Business Training courses lasting three to five days in which all activities are conducted in English with no possibility to communicate directly or indirectly in any other language. 

The fundamental idea behind this initiative is that CEOs, executives, start-up managers and business people can effectively and efficiently end up conducting their work-lives in English without any limitations. 

“While managers build to last … Leaders build to reinvent”

Our Team of Specialists

Irina Pris is the founder and managing director of  Daredu Mind Maze.   This company specializes in creating online training and blended learning programs on a wide range of subjects in the educational, corporate, non-governmental and social sectors. Daredu Mind Maze resorts to a team of collaborators with vast international experience in conducting tailored business English courses for executives worldwide. Daredu Mind Maze’s vision is that strong learning should be interdisciplinary, personalised and immersive to captivate social and business responsibility. Our mission is to create valuable and formative learning experiences through the promotion of critical thinking, the ability to make connections, active participation, and collaboration between participants  and facilitators.