Leadership Development

“Leadership development involves pulling executives out of their comfort zones into new challenging territories”

Preparing leaders to anticipate what’s coming so they are ready to act

At MBC we make executives not only go beyond being good to become excellent but through our leadership training we reinvent their acquired excellence to turn them into inspirational leaders.

In order to achieve this, MBC runs small seminars aimed at helping executives reinvent their capacities to lead.  By stretching their comfort zones into new challenging territories, executives are rendered able to see where should they be going and how should they get there.

The resulting inspirational drive experienced by executives will enhance their legitimacy to make the impossible … possible.

More than working to identify the personality traits executives should have to become leaders, MBC seeks through small highly interactive one-on-one seminars to develop a personalised leadership culture aligned with executives’ business reality.

Only by creating a personalised business culture executives can identify with, it will be possible to reinvent them as leaders and change the entire corporate culture of the firm.

MBC leadership development strategy by focusing on context to achieve cultural change makes leadership not only meaningful but reinvention possible sticky. 

This is rendered all possible by allowing senior executives of different departments of the firm to co-moderate virtual training sessions on topics in their area of expertise.

By drawing senior executives into a learning exercise, MBC prepares them to guide their firms to become learning organizations.

It is through this learning exercise that MBC seeks senior executives to identify what motivates and excite them to lead their firms into the future. 

MBC materialises the consolidation of this leadership development process by making leaders confront other leaders around the world about the impact leadership has on business long term survival.

The idea behind leadership development is to help construct a more robust pipeline of leaders who could enhance corporate alignment and pave the way for business reinvention.

Leadership development is nothing but the preparation of senior executives to anticipate what is coming so they are ready to

  • Anticipate change
  • Understand that excellence is less critical than the ability to inspire
  • Achieve a global mindset to be open to diversity in all forms : Be open, be humble and aware of faulty assumptions
  • Encourage learning across the organisation making it part of the firm’s business culture
  • Nurture your network because getting things done is more important than authority


All one-week executive seminars will be held from Monday to Friday with daily sessions of six hours combining theory and practice. Saturday and Sunday will be used for sightseeing/recreation activities and personal travel. This one-week executive seminars will be held in scenic location Villas in Switzerland wih a maximum number of 20 participants to guarantee active engagement and whenever possible offer accommodation and catering to all participaants in the same place during the entire length of the event.

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