Deposit : CHF1,000.00 Per item



The challenges confronting Corporate executives in the post-covid business world


2.5 Days


Swiss Rail-Park Biasca

Group Size

25 (max)

Target Audience

C – Suite

2,5-days executive development facilitation, dinner, lunch, water/tea/coffee/snacks, course material, portfolio, name tags, certificates and applicable taxes, shuttle bus service venue to hotel, mini-tour with historic wagon.

Day 1  – EVENING


Evening Session: 18:30-22:00

 17:50-18:00  Minibus to take delegates from their hotel to SRP

18:00-18:30  Registration: Reception Desk at SRP- Hall-1

18:30 -19:00  Get together at the bar (Hall-1)


19:00 – 20:00  Welcome speech by Dr Mario B. Curatolo CEO of MBC (in Hall-2)


20:00-20:30: Consultant /Facilitators introduce themselves


20:30-21:30:  Dinner (in Historic Wagon in Hall-2)

  • Photo/video service available during the event


21:30 -22:00Minibus available to take delegates to their hotels



 08:50-09:00 Minibus takes delegates from their hotel to SRP

09:00-09:30 Welcome Coffee


Morning Session:  starts 09:30 (Two – Discussion Topics)

09:30-11:00 Discussion Topic -1:

Why isn’t anything getting done? Workforce management in the post-covid

(Consultant/Facilitator: KIRON DESIRAJAU) 


  • Interacting is easier than ever, but true, productive, value-creating collaboration is not because the poor design and execution of collaborative interactions. Every minute spent on a low-value interaction eats into time that could be used for important, creative, and powerful activities.

Coffee break:  11:00-11:30*                 *Times of Coffee Breaks are discretionary


11:30-13:00 Discussion Topic – 2

Answering the HOW question about what strategy to follow

(Consultant/Facilitator: KIRON DESIRAJAU) 

  • The biggest challenge in starting any transformation strategy is often not the “why” or the “what,” but the “how.” Questions therefore include how to set up a new strategy and conclude it, and how to transition back to enhanced business as usual. Strategic transformations often fail because change is not effectively implemented across the organization: milestones are ticked off without actually improving management or addressing underlying culture.



BUFFET Self-Service LUNCH   13:00 -14:00    Photo/video service available during the event

Afternoon Session:  starts 14:00 (Two – Discussion Topics)

14:00-15:30 Discussion Topic -1:

Sustainable growth in the Post-Covid

(Consultant/Facilitator: FABIEN LACROIX) 


  • A digital path to sustainability implies that Sustainability and productivity needn’t be at odds when enabled by Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies and an empowered workforce to seize gains.

Coffee Break:  15:30-16:00*         *Times of Coffee Breaks are discretionary



16:00-17:30 Discussion Topic -2

The challenge of balancing work and personal life objectives

(Consultant/Facilitator: FABIEN LACROIX) 

  • Employees today demand flexibility tailored to their specific needs, whether it be work-life balance, physical and emotional health, or caring for family. C-Suite will play a key role in personalizing flexibility to develop unique, creative solutions for their firms.

Coffee Break: 17:30-18:00*          *Times of Coffee Breaks are discretionary


18:00-19:30 Minitour/Activities at the Rail Park Facilities


19:30-20:00 Pause Photo/video service


20:00-21:30 Dinner (in Historic Wagon in Hall-2)

  • Photo/video service available during the event
  • Networking

21:30-22:00 Delegates leave to their hotel /minibus available



08:50-09:00 Minibus takes delegates from their hotel to SRP

09:00-09:30 Welcome Coffee


Morning Session:  starts 09:30 (Two – Discussion Topics)

09:30-11:00 Discussion Topic -1:

Reimagining firms’ future workforces

 (Consultant/Facilitator: FRANCESCO DERCHI) 

  • The future stakes of firms will be to reorient their product and services around learning, inclusion, and innovation. As employees are spending three-quarters of their time on activities that can be performed remotely, modern firms need changing in ways workforces and their daily working patterns are changing.

Coffee break: 11:00-11:30*                  *Times of Coffee Breaks are discretionary


11:30-13:00 Discussion Topic -2

Changing communication style suiting next normal

(Consultant/Facilitator: FRANCESCO DERCHI) 

  • As changes in the relationships between employers and employees, the boundaries between home and work, and people’s aspirations for the future, leaders must nurture thoughtful two-way dialogues and work as a partner with employees to develop solutions



BUFFET Self-Service LUNCH   13:00-14:30

Photo/video service: 14:30-15:00


CONCLUDING  SESSION:  15:00– 16:30  (To take place in Hall-2)

  • Closing speech – Mario B. Curatolo CEO of MBC
  • Handing of Certificates to participants
  • Group Photo
  • Delegates return home … Minibus available to take them to the Railway Station /Hotels




16:30-18:00 Additional Activities:

  • Mini tour in historic wagon of the Swiss Rail Park infrastructures… Get the feeling of travelling back in time!!!