Strategic Planning

Strategic planning turns experienced managers into business leaders

Turning intentions into actions

Long term survival involves executives envisaging broadly defined goals.

To prevent this effort becoming only a good-will, MBC helps executives turn intentions into actions

Through instilling strategic planning into the DNA of executives, MBC makes them not only envisage a desired future but how to achieve it through a systematic sequence of steps.

MBC believes that strategic planning should begin with the identification of the desired ends in order to work backwards to the current status.

Only through the combination of tactical planning which concentrates on narrow objectives and strategic planning which concentrate on the choice of means to reach corporate goals, a transformational effect in the business culture of the enterprise can be reached. Tactics and strategies help executives reinvent themselves while reinventing their firms

Since strategic planning depends on the nature of the needs of the organisation and its immediate external environment, MBC will approach strategic planning by assessing with executives the need and importance of turning tactical planning into a life-long development process (Strategic Planning) capable of helping guarantee enterprises long-term survival. 


By helping executives concentrate more “on the war than on the tactics” strategic planning reinvents the way firms operate and compete

At MBC we help executives concentrate on the essence more than on the details. We do not believe in helping executives fight fires but in teaching them how to stand back and take a hard look at what needs to beaccomplished and how.

By helping make the unimportant crucial, we help executives accomplish the impossible.


All one-week executive seminars will be held from Monday to Friday with daily sessions of six hours combining theory and practice. Saturday and Sunday will be used for sightseeing/recreation activities and personal travel.  This one-week executive seminars will be held in scenic location Villas in Switzerland with a maximum number of 15 – 20 participants to guarantee active engagement and offer accommodation and catering to all participants during the entire length of the event.

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