ENTREPENEURSHIP TRAINING: The new challenge for Businesses and Universities

Mario Boris CURATOLO

MBC Management Business Consultants, Switzerland; mbc@mbc-sa.com

This paper seeks to discuss and bring to light the challenges posed by globalization and technology on university education. As the number of graduates increase but the size and number of potential employers are reduced, academic institutions are increasingly faced with the challenge of reinventing their role. In this new context, as the future of employment lies with self-employment, Universities could reinvent themselves by training their graduates to become self-employed. This could be done by offering their graduates, as part if their conventional degree, a Business Plan Course. This would allow future graduates of any discipline to use their academic knowledge to develop a viable business proposition. The Business Plan Course will give them the necessary skills to turn their ideas into a viable business while overcoming the cultural stereotypes and fears associated with conducting your own business.


The future of employment will therefore depends on the capacity of our education system and in particular our universities to reinvent themselves by reinventing the way graduates use their knowledge to generate a self-employment activity. By developing the entrepreneurial spirit of futures graduates, Universities will be actively contributing not only to develop generations of entrepreneurs capable of generating employment for themselves and for others, but to the growth and development of the national economy.

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