ENTREPENEURSHIP TRAINING: The New Challenge for Businesses and Universities

Dr  Mario Boris CURATOLO

MBC Management Business Consultants, Switzerland;

This paper seeks to discuss the challenges posed by technology changes and globalization on university education. As these changes have impacted on the organizational structure of modern firms forcing them to adopt new ways to undertake their business activity, universities have not remained immune to these changes.  In so far as large corporations are not employing large numbers of workers to operate as modern businesses and are increasingly requiring workers with a new cultural business mindset, universities are being forced to reinvent the way they teach.

The new market is requiring  the future manager, scientist, engineer  to understand the business implications of his technical training. This means being aware of how to apply a business perspective to his technical analysis and recommendations. Since the priority of modern enterprises is to achieve business sustainability, future professionals and employees, regardless of formal training, will have to have a business perspective as part of their training to be employable.


This has rendered evident the need academic institutions have to reinvent their role as socially responsible units capable of integrating technical and business training with an entrepreneurial leadership development at degree level. As the future of employment comes to rely increasingly more on self-employment, Universities would have to reinvent themselves training graduates to become self-employed. In this context, the need to offer graduates a Business Plan Course as part of their conventional degree programme would become necessary. This would allow Universities to train graduates of any discipline to use their academic knowledge to turn an idea into a viable business proposition. By  incorporating a Business Plan Course into the degree programme,  this new course content will give graduates the necessary skills to develop a set of business values necessary to operate as entrepreneurs, rather than graduate in search for employment.

Students’realization of the entrepreneurial viability of their idea will lead them along the path of self-employment as future entrepreneurs regardless of their academic line of specialty. In so doing Universities would be contributing to overcome the cultural stereotypes and fears associated with conducting one’s own business.

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