Webinar Future breakup opportunities in the banking sector (group)


Future breakup opportunities in the banking sector

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• Discussion forum about the needs banks have to expand beyond the current definitions of financial services to compete around distinct customer needs
• Participant: CEOs Executives, Senior Managers, Decision Makers
• N.Participants: 15
• Objective: Draw a picture of how would future banking would look like
Examine the forces at work that limit Banks’ revenue, value, profits and usefulness to customers
Examine the areas where banks will have to transform/reinvent themselves to thrive
• Contents: Are Banks losing its traditional competitive advantage
Competitive arenas and business models that are emerging in Banking
An inside look at Everyday Banking
The next phase of Banking for incumbents, challengers and customers
• Takeaways: Which arenas and business models to focus on
How to align your organisational resources for the coming shifts
How to develop and test your platform business model
How to Redefine your purpose to build stronger bonds with your customer and talents
How to build an entrepreneurial culture that protects experimental projects from conservative pressures
• Certificate: An official MBC certificate of participation will be sent via-Email to all participants
• Language: English