webinar How can Boards effectively approach Technology Governance (single)


How can Boards effectively approach Technology Governance



• Methodology: Discussion forum about how Boards engage technology and the resulting discontinuity between Boards and Management when it comes to adopting technology initiatives <br>
• Participant: CEOs Executives, Senior Managers, Decision Makers <br>
• N.Participants: 15 <br>
• Objective: Identify how boards can give structure and priority to their technology engagement <br>
Develop a clear Board leadership that can help managers coalesce a coherent a practical business strategy
• Contents: Models for Board engagement with technology <br>
Initial Steps for Boards and Directors <br>The role of Technology Committees <br>
• Takeaways: How boards can create value by understanding connections between technology and their business <br>
How can boards have a clear vision and goals for the technology transformation of the firm <br>
How board’s technology engagement can anticipate and minimize potential risks and threats to firms <br>
• Certificate: An official MBC certificate of participation will
be sent via-Email to all participants <br>
• Language: English